Trends in Athletic Wear

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Trends in Athletic Wear



            The biggest trend to ever hit our fashion universe is athletic wear. Whether it be leggings, yoga pants or varsity sweaters and jackets. Many models, fashion citizens and fashionistas have embraced this look. Now that women are on the go and tackling with unisex clothing, many have advised that nothing gets us in the mood then comfortable clothing.

                                    We are all natural creatures of comfort and making athletic wear as a sort of leisure wear, we can see that comfort is all that we need. With the right pair of yoga pants, you can feel impossibly sexy and relaxed and with the pairing of leggings with a sporty graphic tee, you can feel that you were putting your feet up and taking the day off.

                                     At the places we go to work or school, we can see many follow this cool trend. We can find obsession in the way we wear our clothing, but we see the point that we should not have to think about all the fuss and just place your hair in a bun, put on a cropped top and yoga pants, kick back and read.

                                       It is some kind of yoga pant of madness that has taken over many women and men these days. They are rebelling in the feeling that we apparently have to lay low but with athletic wear it triggers an stylish expression. Many can give thanks to the sport athletes and companies like lululemon and Athleta.

                                         It is free to just wear your relaxing, cool athletic wear. This season, athletic wear made a major comeback. Now for the holidays, Christmas leggings are used in place of gym clothing. There is an array of different types of styles and fit. Many girls can grow accustomed to its fit, since it flatters every body practically.

                                    We can live off wearing clothing that is similar in nature to pajamas. Leggings are the most popular. On equally popular clothing sites like ebay, or even etsy, leggings have been sold and sell fast. Just like graphic t shirts, where you can put anything on your shirt, like custom made t-shirts. They can be humorous or quirky. It is all up to the t shirt owner.

                                    To understand the owner of these athletic trends, you can see the reasons why athletic wear can make the wardrobe really wanted. You cannot change your mind on comfort. Athletic wear is breeding new blood, with other new retailers getting into the act of making and selling athletic wear.

                                      More factors come in, such as the awe feeling of  wearing next to nothing, since the material is light and airy and yet the t shirt that accompanies it makes it even more gracious. It can look flattering. It doesn’t need much fuss and athletic wear is adjustable and new. It is clean and cool. There is nothing like athletic wear to serve your ever fitness routine and siesta after all the kids and work.

  By Veronica Felipe 

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