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Turning Japanese by Kailah Kloes

Turning Japanese by Kailah Kloes

Turning Japanese by Kailah Kloes 


           As someone who adores everything kawaii, my sense of fashion tends to gear towards Korean and Japanese fashion. However, a lot of the time it is hard to replicate Korean fashion trends with clothing in the United States and U.S-based online stores. However, over the years, I have some websites that have plenty of options!



Depop is an app where you can sell and buy used items. There are brands of all kinds, including items from Korean and Japanese brands! I find a lot of Chuu, Mixxmixx, and Japanese fashion brands like Uniqlo and Liz Lisa on there. It is a virtual thrift shop except one can find their own style pretty easily. I love this app and I highly recommend it.



I know how this sounds. But, trust me, there are plenty of cute, kawaii clothes on there. I use eBay more when I am searching Japanese fashion brands like Ank Rouge, Liz Lisa, and Axes Femme. There are many dresses and cute clothing on there I don’t see anywhere else for bargain prices. It takes a bit of digging, of course, but there are some good stuff on there.



I have bought from Yesstyle several times in the past. This is the hub of all things Korean and Japanese fashion related. There are also many pieces that you would not see in your local store, and I feel this website is amazing with their selection, and I also highly recommend this.



So Chuu is actually a Korean fashion brand that offers international shipping! There are also other brands out there that ship internationally like Mixxmixx and Stylenanda. I personally gear towards this because Chuu tends to sell more cutsy, preppy, girly kind of clothing, which is very much my personal taste. So if you are more of a girly person with Korean fashion, I also highly recommend to check out the selections on their site!


Overall, I think Korean and Japanese fashion is so cute and I hope over the next few years there is more integration and easier access to it for the western market.



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