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We Still Miss Amy

We Still Miss Amy

We Still Miss Amy



What can we come up with when it comes to reliving the life of rock singer, Amy Winehouse? It is nothing terrifying since she unleashed a great staple in fashion in beauty. It was not only her tattoos but also her makeup. It wasn’t her beehive hair but also her daring fashion choices. Amy Winehouse has given everyone the chance to live the life of a true alternative being. She prospered as a singer and a great sight to be had, but her life was also tragic and depressing.

She gave all her life to the music, although no one could help her or save her from her demons. She was considered a doable fashion icon and it was her appearances in videos that did not raise a ruckus. She started out as an epic singer and lasted as a fashion icon with style and charm.

If you looked back at her rehab video, you can see how quickly casual she was. She wore barely their shorts, a white tank and a long silky robe. She had her perfect makeup and her hair tousled and it was all over the place. It was her trademark cat eye that caused a storm of satisfaction and popularity. The cat eye is very difficult to do, but Amy Winehouse mastered that to a tee.

You would absolutely love this look. Nevertheless, her upbeat music served as the fire to her rambunctious life. It is greatly understood that her family and friends were everything and music never really hold her back, She clutched very tightly to her sanity and fought her way through criticism from the audiences and the media.

What her music called for was a simple introduction to a person’s inner soul. Her music introduced us to a soulful voice and a resounding view to another world. Her protective voice actually made it easy and smooth and her look defined so much, matched that and stood out. It wasn’t at all conservative or old lady like. It was a retro style which counted on heavy mascara and eye liner and a accommodating hairstyle that shown success.

It wasn’t exactly totally new, although a summary of what was to come. The vintage look was in style and made a huge difference, especially in the way girls wore their hair and makeup and how they wore their clothes.

Amy Winehouse would always save the best for her videos and her videos were awesome because it not only ignited a bad girls style, but it opened her audience to genius. She chose her look well just like she chose her music and her appearances well.

At every stage, her concerts were splattered with her style and it supported the music she sang. It is affordable to copy her style and it isn’t at all too luxurious. It isn’t at all loopy or undeserving. You can narrow it down to a distinct look that was really trying to show playfulness but a designated straight lace look. There was no limit. Amy Winehouse left us too soon but inspired fashion and beauty connoisseur’s all over.

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