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What Happened to Flower Power?

What Happened to Flower Power?


What Happened to Flower Power

The future of the flower crown isn’t bleak. Yet you can still see flower crowns on the heads of young millennials, still not losing faith in the hippie look. The changes of fashion trends today  still exist. Many can see trends come and go. There will always be loved favorites. Who would ever forget about the flower crown? It broke many records in fashionable trends a year ago. When the music festivals were initiating this new look and making the fashionable showing of the flower crown as being pretty sweet and calm.

            It clustered first as an impossible trend, but as you saw some changes ahead, there were trends that were eventually saved, and many are still going rogue.The flower crown is a direct attention getter. It never really truly went away. Since Springtime summons flowers. A bundle of these flowers mentioned included exist such as sunflowers and daisies.

           They basically consisted of all types of  flowers which looked good on any head. It can simply be a small crown or an outrageously huge crown. The more beautiful the better regardless of size or flowers selected. All it really takes is a good eye. Making the right decision that flower crowns can still be an reward.

               It has ranked high among young teens and college age girls. Whom always look for ways to looking fresh and vintage. For wearing flower crowns is an homage to the renaissance ages. Where ladies first worn flower crowns on their heads to show their way of honoring someone or wearing at a special occasion.

              In ancient history, the flower crowns were used to honor the Gods. Since then, flower crowns have lived up to their names. There was talk about the boldness of the flower crown and the need for its longevity, however, flower crowns have beat those other trends that failed in the past such as skin tight bodycon dresses or neon green tracksuits.

            It isn’t hard to see that flower crowns are unpredictable. It still raises a few eyebrows and conjures feeling of innocence and a gift for your head. Like the knit hat trend of Fall 2018 or even the french beret look for the Fall of 2019 trend.

            You can carry on  thinking of why flower crowns trend have spread rapidly. You can gain access to any flower crown online, even finding it in many boutiques. The whole idea of flower crowns is  to send an message that the hot months ahead should not be a time of boredom and loss.

           Rather an opportunity to look like someone from the past, in exchange for nice comments and beaming stares. It will give an excuse to be a fairy hippie and very meek and beautiful. It will allow girls to be free and independent. It will soak into your psyche and make it a big hit for any generation. We need to stop to remember how it felt when we first worn our first flower crown. It takes lots of love.

Veronica Felipe


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