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What's Cool About Monochrome Fashion by Sierra Carroll

What's Cool About Monochrome Fashion by Sierra Carroll


      Since 2019, the monochrome outfit trend has taken over the internet right before our eyes. Instagram influencers and popular YouTubers have jumped on this trend, giving us lookbooks full of color coordinated outfits from all shades of the rainbow. Matching different shades of the same color clothing is no longer a taboo- so why not join in on the fun? Several fashion YouTubers such as Rubina and ur mom ashley have given us some inspiration on how to put together our own monochrome styles. This trend has no limits- it can go anywhere from a minimalist vibe to a more elaborate and crazy one! 

To get some more inspiration on how to navigate the monochrome trend, here are a few pieces from our shop that would help you get an idea: 

The Pink Loose Bra and High Waist Yoga Pants. 

This outfit would be a comfortable start, since it is more on the loungewear side. With it being a two piece set, the outfit is already completed, so all you would have to do is pick out some shoes and accessories to really elevate the look.  

Since Fall is right around the corner, pairing the outfit with the Pink Windbreaker would create a dynamic, sporty-chic monochromatic look.   

Accessorizing is key when it comes to this trend, because it really helps tie the one color theme together. Wearing the  Faux Suede Pointed Toe Thin Heels would make a perfect sporty, model off duty look. 

To finish off the outfit, you could accessorize with the PINKO Mini Love Fluo Shoulder Bag.

With activewear becoming more popular due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, this look would help capture the activewear aesthetic while also dipping into the monochromatic trend. Basic activewear just doesn’t cut it anymore, so finding a way to create your own style by accessorizing your outfits helps you stand out from the rest. 

If you want to go for a crazier kind of monochromatic look, then mixing similar patterns would be another way to experiment with the trend. Animal prints are going to be huge this Fall season, so here is a monochromatic leopard look inspired from pieces in our shop. 

You can start with the Sexy Leopard Mesh Sheer Blouse. Because it is black, it’s super versatile, so it is a great starter piece to build off of. 

Next, you can style the blouse with our Leopard Print Elastic Waist Ruffles Casual Mini Skirt. Because the print in the top is so subtle, it will go perfectly with this skirt.

Then, you could pair the top and skirt with our Leopard Printed Coat. Since both the skirt and the coat have similar patterns, it would create a perfect leopard print monochrome look. With the top being black, it would help balance out the other pieces, while creating the perfect business casual outfit. 


To finish off this look, accessorize it with a simple pair of black heels such as the Thin Party Girl Heels and the black Diamond Bag Crystal PU Leather purse. This will help polish off the look without making it too busy. 


The monochrome trend is a great way to experiment with your own style. Fashion has no limits- so go play in your closet and see what kind of monochromatic looks you can create on your own, you’ll be surprised!   

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