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What's Your Style?  by Luci Black

What's Your Style? by Luci Black

So you took our fashion quiz, and you might be thinking what happens now?

Well, now that you know which category you fall under (classic, modern or a little bit of both), take a look at this article to see how we would style you.

Classic: Classic, if that is the style you got you may find yourself leaning towards clean lines, tailored cuts, and clean hems. You gravitate towards neutral colors and you don't need bright colors or bold patterns to feel beautiful. Here's how to get the timeless look of your dreams.

Hounds tooth is a classic look and this Slim Button V-Neck Stitching Dress is the perfect way to sport this timeless pattern. Pair the look off with the classic Big Bow Tie Butterfly Pointed High Heels. These heels are the perfect fix of vintage with a flare of elegance. The pointed toe is a shoe staple and the bow detailing adds a wonderful royal feel. Pearls date back to the 16th century and haven't gone out of style since. Tie this look together with the Crystal Imitation Pearls White Chain Rhinestone Set .This set has a beautiful necklace, bracelet and a stunning pair of earrings. It brings the look together in three simple accessories.

Modern: If you go modern as your style you tend to follow trends. Whether loosely or to the book you always seem to know what's IN and what’s NOT. If you're looking for a new look, here's what we would put you in. 

Start your look off with these funky Argyle Plaid Skinny High Waist Pants. These pants are so cute and are very on trend. Pair the pants with the adorable Butterfly Diamonds Blouse. This blouse is so cute and comes in three beautiful colors. To add some dimension to this look, throw on the Chunky Necklace With Lock Key Pendant. Finish this look off with the gorgeous Two Tone Thick High Heels Boots. These babies are to die-for and blow this look out of this world.


Little bit of both: Maybe you're not finding yourself gravitating to one side or the other. You may be adding a modern twist to some classic looks. And that's totally fine! Your style might be a little bit of everything and we’ve got something for you to try.

Start your look off with the adorable this Y2K inspired mini dress. This dress is so iconic and it comes in 7 different styles! Layer on the Woolen Long Jacket for that timeless feel. This jacket is a perfect closet staple and is wonderful for all the chilly days in your life. Add on the sleek Sterling Silver Drop Earrings. Last but certainly not least throw on the Thin High Heel Boots. These babies bring the whole look together and are such a classic style.





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