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Why We Adore Fishnets

Why We Adore Fishnets


Why We Adore Fishnets

             We can adore our fishnet stockings for as long as possible, but it something we can’t honestly get over. Fishnets are likeable and can compliment any outfit. Basically they are displayed as a precious material that keeps us enthralled in danger and freedom. We can see the fishnet trend for Spring of 2019 by designers such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Dior at their shows, showing off fishnet overlays.

                       You do not know what it is to like fishnets, only because they are stylish and fitting, especially for the hot weather. It has even been seen as a cut up and shredding and there is one look that women can run back home be comfortable and wearable. It was seen on the runway as a utilitarian look and as a sporty look.

                     The one thing we can count on with fishnets is its versatile style. Grabbing the need for nothing less. Fishnets is a favorite look, one that can desire roominess instead of requiring a non-judgemental stare. If fishnets are worn as stockings as it was intended to be worn in the days of Fishnet tights can be traced all the way back to the end of the 19th century. When Women during the Victorian era did not reveal their legs in public, but as the world began to change, so did women's wardrobes. As depicted as a fast trend, one that was steadily worn by showgirls and flappers during the 1920’s.

               The one desirous aspect of wearing this look is how tight and cool it wraps around your skin and never lets you go. Fishnets are now used in tops, dresses and accessories including bags. This is the one feature that does have a  great becoming and a great reawakening.                                      

            Fishnets are a new trend on instagram, where all fashion trends tend to live and take off. You can literally see many instagramers being in sync with this trend and adding to it a fashionable aesthetic. It can leave hearts racing but mainly this trend is a tribute to such great celebrities that worn this look such, as the 50’s Marilyn Monroe and the 80’s singer Madonna.

                It was a major trend that seemed to bog on us like a numb rush taking over us. You may not expect this polished journey, but wearing fishnets is a whole new animal. It is both fun and enticing. Never lacking in improvement. Only sharing in uniqueness and quality.

         Fishnets will soon take over the mesh trend and the transparency trend as a something that is easily worn with anything and worn as a precious material. It can never be left behind as just a curious choice, rather a dubious choice. When we speak of trends to want this season, it would be this trend and it is no secret that we don’t live in a closed off world, but an open one that embraces change and embraces newness. Without this we will be literally lost in our closets.

Veronica Felipe 


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