Young Stars And Old Hollywood

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Young Stars And Old Hollywood

                    The young starlets of today are vying to wear the old fashioned styles of  actresses from the past. Whether it be copying the same haircut or accessorizing or even wearing similar dress. Young Hollywood sees Old Hollywood  as a glamourous time that conjugates the whole persona that seems to influence women to be just like them. The complete retro wardrobe is  found in many vintage clothing stores/boutiques globally and can even be purchased online.                     

                                      Many women are looking to fashions from the past as a way to celebrate the idea of femininity and the relatively easy and trendy creativity. That is what it takes. A whole lot of trendiness and creativity. Because many see that women can escape their true taste and find solace in the beauty of vintage fashion. The whole closeness of the material is like heaven plus the exact feeling of wearing it is fun. It  is what builds a wardrobe.

                                  It  does take personality and charm as well. For it is  natural for women to scurry into their mothers or grandmothers closets and choose what is suitable theme for today’s fashion or even get advice from their family matriarchs of what is cool or what is stylish for now. The 50’s had its share of beautiful dresses, the 60’s had a hippie vibe and the 70’s had a strange magical style on its own. The 70’s shared in the idea of freedom and rock and roll. While the 80’s factored in the punk scene and the idols who were Prince and Madonna. At the end, the 90’s summoned the grunge look and the hip hop look and the 2000’s showed a recycled clothing pride.

                           Young Hollywood can see themselves in other retro icons of the stage and screen. It can mean copying Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly or even a young Audrey Hepburn. By watching their movies, it  can help you choose what to wear and what should be discussed. The major concept of loving what you wear is important too. You can always pick the right pair of shoes but it can also mean picking the right set of wardrobes with what matching purse. Whatever young Hollywood starlets see is that old Hollywood style is both timeless and original and can never be reimagined as anything else.

                              Stars like Emma Watson, Elle Fanning and Emilia Clarke have found themselves garnering vintage fashion on the red carpet. This is what everyone can expect from young Hollywood celebrities today. They are remaining as queens of the red carpet and queens when it comes to being closer to Hollywood royalty. The dizziness of choosing just a few retro items can be time consuming for them but life is like that. Buying clothing, even if it is retro fashion  takes a lot time and thought. You can make it a sunny day for those who sport a vintage clothing piece! Because vintage fashion should be worn and not collected. Young Hollywood is now meeting Old Hollywood halfway.


Veronica Felipe 

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