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Your Body, Your Blouse By Kyla Outen

Your Body, Your Blouse By Kyla Outen

Your Body, Your Blouse By Kyla Outen



          Finding the perfect skirt, pant, or short can seem pretty simple until it’s time to pick the right blouse to finish the job. At the end of the day, a blouse that fits you well will certainly make a huge difference in how you look. Yet, figuring out the right kind of blouse that helps you look your best while going to work, attending important corporate meetings, and/or simply meeting up with your friends, is only easy if you know your body type. Luckily, Grrly Grrls is here to help! Here are the blouses you should look out for depending on your shape and size.

The Apple Shaped Physique

Some women may have noticed that they carry most of their weight towards their middle, around their abdominal area. If this sounds like you, then you fall into the apple-shaped category. For this body type, tight shirts and blouses are probably not the best option to go with. Instead, you should try to find blouses that fall slightly away from the body and/or fit tightest around the hip area. Blouses such as the Halter Cross Twisted Sleeveless Blouse, the Zipper Short Sleeve V Neck Blouse, and the Summer Fashion Off Shoulder Lace Blouse, and other similar styles, are great options to choose from. Also don’t be afraid to try blouses that feature some sort of ruching around the waist area, this can give you a fitted silhouette while accentuating your figure.

The Rectangular Physique

Aside from apple shapes, there are women who have hips that are about the same width as their shoulders. Usually in this case, these women tend to not have a well-defined waist. If this sounds like your body type, this is the shape you’d fall in to. Rectangle shaped bodies tend to look best in bold shirts and blouses that draw attention to details, adding additional fullness where needed. This helps to make you appear curvier than you actually are. Blouses such as the Short Sleeve Buckle Blouse, the Lace Polka Dot Blouse, and the Dot Print Short Sleeve Loose Chiffon Blouse are all great options to help you achieve the best look possible for any occasion.

The Hourglass Physique

Lace V-Neck Bottom BlouseEveryone knows the ideal qualities of an hourglass physique: a well-defined waist, paired with hips and a bust that measure roughly the same. If this sounds like your body, then chances are you have an hourglass figure. For women who have these curves, choosing close-fitting blouses that accentuate your natural shape is generally the way to go. Blouses such as the Mesh See-through Long Sleeve Blouse,, and the Ribbed Knitting Collar Blouse, are must-haves that help show off the waist, hips, and bust that you were blessed with.

The Pear-shaped Physique

All women carry their curves differently and, because of this, not all women who are curvy have an hourglass shape. Some may fall into what is known as the pear-shape. Women with a pear shaped body type have shoulders that are narrower than their hips, but are still curvy nonetheless. For these women, choosing blouses that accentuate their upper body are what they should be looking for. Blouses that broaden the shoulders and accentuate the waist such as the Embellished Patchwork Off Shoulder Lace Blouse, the Zip Slim Blouse Round Neck Cold Shoulder Blouse, and the Lace Patchwork Ruffles Blouse are sure to look really good on women with this body type.

Every body shape and size is beautiful. Bodies come in all varieties and it’s part of what makes each of us unique. So all in all, choose the blouse that makes you and your body feel good. For more blouse options, visit the Grrly Grrls website, and check out the blouse collection to stay updated on the latest styles.

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